Edition 5, May 2015


Kyrobio Student Profile: Nick Weise

Transam 2.0 - Chiral Amines through (Bio)Catalysis

Paper Published in "Current Biotechnology" by Kyrobio Partner

Nick read in Molecular Biology at the University of Manchester with specialisation in evolutionary biology and structural bioinformatics, graduating with a B.Sc. (Hons) and a university Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in June 2012. During his university career he held student research scholarships at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton. Read more>>

A Conference was held on the 4th to 6th March 2015 in Greifswald, Germany which was attended by several of the Kyrobio Project Team. Eva Fischereder from the University of Graz, presented at Transam 2.0, in the afternoon session Enzyme Cascades, on "Diastereoselective Cascade to α-Methylated Stictosidine Derivatives Employing ω-Transaminases and Strictosidine Synthases". Read more>>

"Bioprospecting for Hydroxynitrile Lyases by Blue Native PAGE Coupled HCN Detection" has been published in the Bentham Science 'Current Biotechnology'. Abstract: Hydroxynitrile lyase enzymes (HNLs) catalyze the stereoselective addition of HCN to carbonyl compounds to give valuable chiral hydroxynitriles. The discovery of new sources of HNL activity has been reported several times as the result of extensive screening of diverse plants for cyanogenic activity. Read more>>


Symposium Integration and Synergy between Biocatalysis and Chemical Catalysis ***** FEATURED EVENT: BIOTRANS 2015 ***** Applied Catalysis and Biocatalysis Reaction Engineering

Date: 16 July 2015 | Venue: Utrecht, The Netherlands

The symposium will focus on the fundamental principles and design rules for integrating biocatalysts, microbial systems and chemical catalyst. The program consists of presentations from academia and industry and a panel discussion. The lectures will assess the state of the art and there will also be a panel discussion. The latter will provide ample time for discussion of challenges in the integration of bio and chemical catalysis and to identify opportunities for synthesis of products using a combination of catalytic approaches. Read more>>

Date: 26 to 30 July 2015 | Venue: Vienna, Austria

The 12th Biotrans, in cooperation with ACIB, covers all aspects of biocatalysis with special focus on enzyme mediated cascade reactions, enzyme discovery, bioinformatics, systems bio(techno)logy, protein engineering by directed evolution and/or rational design, enzyme immobilisation, process development and scale-up as well as manufacturing of chemical products using biocatalysis. KYROBIO Project Partners will be presenting posters at this event. Read more>>

Date: 03 to 04 September 2015 | Venue: Bath, England

Applied Catalysis and Biocatalysis Reaction Engineering is a PhD and early career researchers focused event. The event will bring together the research community in these important areas of science and engineering. This event will specifically address the links between the rigour of reaction engineering and innovation of applied catalysis disciplines, and is aimed at chemistry, bio-catalysis and chemical engineering communities. Read more>>


Unique and novel Enzymes Catalysing Cyanide Release in Fern

Elisa Lanfranchi, University of Graz will present at the 14th Doctoral School "Molecular Biology and Biochemistry" on 6th July 2015. Read more>>

The Hydroxynitrile Lyase from Fern: A Unique Biocatalyst
Margit Winkler, University of Graz will present at the 16th Austrian Science Days in Innsbruck on 21st to 24th September 2015. Read more>>

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