Edition 3, October 2014


Bacterial hydroxynitrile lyases - a promising new class of HNLs University of Stuttgart Publishes Webinar Another Successful KYROBIO Consortium Meeting!

Kyrobio Project Partner ACIB (Dr. Kerstin Steiner) Presented at a Workshop at the ECB16 Conference in Edinburgh, July 2014. Hydroxynitrile lyases (HNLs) are powerful carbon-carbon bond forming enzymes. The reverse of their natural reaction - the stereoselective addition of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) to carbonyls – yields chiral cyanohydrins, versatile building blocks for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Read more>>

Kyrobio Project Partner University of Stuttgart (Professor Bernhard Hauer) of the Institute of Technical Biochemistry presents "Squalene Hopene Cyclases" in this webinar.

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The recent Kyrobio Consortium Meeting took place at Innis and Gunn in Edinburgh, where Project Partners presented on Work Package updates and highlighted their success and results so far. To celebrate Kyrobio's progress, there was a networking session following the meeting to share ideas where everyone toasted their health in an afternoon of beer 'tasting'!


TRANSAM 2.0 - Chiral Amines Through (Bio)Catalysis 3rd International Conference IMTB 2015 ***** FEATURED EVENT: BIOTRANS 2015 *****

Date: 04 to 06 March 2015 | Venue: Greifswald University, Germany

This conference aims to bring together researchers active in the area of enzymatic and chemical synthesis of chiral amines, and will provide a platform to exchange recent achievements from basic research to applied biocatalysis. Read more>>


Date: 10 to 13 May 2015 | Venue: Opatija, Croatia

The IMTB conference aims to provide a platform for people from industry and academia, working in the cross-section of microfluidics, life sciences, analytics and bioprocess engineering. The interdisciplinary feature of the IMTB conferences enables participants to present and discuss their latest results, developments and strategies. Read more>>


Date: 26 to 30 July 2015 | Venue: Vienna, Austria

The 12th Biotrans, in cooperation with ACIB, covers all aspects of biocatalysis with special focus on enzyme mediated cascade reactions, enzyme discovery, bioinformatics, systems bio(techno)logy, protein engineering by directed evolution and/or rational design, enzyme immobilisation, process development and scale-up as well as manufacturing of chemical products using biocatalysis. Read more>>


KYROBIO Project Partner University of Graz Presents at Gordon Research Conference

The Biocatalysis Gordon Research Conference is an internationally highly renowned conference about innovative topics in the field of biocatalysis. The best science, technologies and case studies were highlighted by leading authorities in this field such as Frances H. Arnold, Dorothy Kern, Claudia Schmidt-Dannert, Harald Gröger, Nicolas Turner and many others. Desiree Pressnitz, University of Graz, had the possibility to present and discuss their project on behalf of KYROBIO in the form of a poster and to promote the KYROBIO project in the biocatalysis community. Since this was a rather small conference with a limited number of participants, Desiree gained a lot of insight into research and projects of internationally respected scientists by means of given presentations and personal discussions.

KYROBIO Project Partner University of Stuttgart Presents at BIOCAT 2014
Jörg Dominicus, University of Stuttgart presented a poster at the BIOCAT 2014 Conference on August 31st to September 4th, about the influence of detergents on membrane-associated squalene-hopene cyclases. The effects of detergent type and concentration on cyclization activity towards different substrates as well as on the temperature behavior were investigated.

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