Work Package 1

Title: Enzymes for Chiral Amine Synthesis by C-N Bond Formation

Lead: Ingenza Ltd

Other partners: Evocatal GmbH, X-Zyme GmbH, ACIB GmbH, University of Graz and the University of Manchester

To develop C-N bond forming enzymes that can be applied for the synthesis of single enantiomer chiral amines. The application of these will be demonstrated in the process laboratory. These involve transaminases, amine lyases, Pictet Spengerlases and amine reductases all with commercial exploitation potential identified and exploitation part of the project.

Lead contact: Ian Fotheringham;

Work Package 2

Title: Next Generation C-C Lyases

Lead: The University of Stuttgart

Other Partners: Evocatal GmbH, CLEA Technologies BV, Prozomix Ltd, Bio-Prodict BV, ACIB GmbH, The University of Groningen and The University of Stuttgart.

To deliver to the market place products from and a portfolio of enzymes that can be applied to the synthesis of a range of single enantiomer chiral chemicals based on C-C lyases. Gain access to FTO position where needed.

Lead contact: Bernhard Hauer;

Work Package 3

Title: Use of molecular modelling techniques to aid the prediction of stereochemical reactions.

Lead: The University of Groningen

Other partners: Evocatal GmbH, Ingenza Ltd, CLEA Technologies BV, BioInfoBank Ltd, Prozomix Ltd

Use of molecular modelling techniques to aid the prediction of stereochemical reactions. Use of data to improve reaction of substrates and lead enzyme modification program to increase selectivity. Bioinformatics will be used to identify novel enzymes for cloning and production.

Lead contact: Geert-Jan Arends;

Work Package 4

Title: Fermentation Science for Novel Enzymes and Improved Fermentation Strains

Lead: ACIB GmbH

Other Partners: Evocatal GmbH, Ingenza Ltd, VTU Technology GmbH and University of Graz.

To clone genes for target enzymes into target microorganisms. Use these as a basis to develop robust and selective enzymes and produce fermentation strains suitable for practical application. EVO will use secretion and expression technologies will be developed and applied for the production of cyclases and Pictet-Spengerlases.

Lead contact: Tanja Hajek;

Work Package 5

Title: Enzyme and Biocatalyst Formulation for Application

Lead: CLEA Technologies BV

Other Partners: C-Tech Innovation Ltd, BiCT srl and X-Zyme GmbH

Develop supported enzymes and enzyme formulations with improved properties (stability, activity, applicability, recyclability) for applications and markets identified by KYROBIO.

Lead contact: Ivo Van der Laan;

Work Package 6

Title: Engineering Technology for Demonstration, Application and Process Analysis

Lead: C-Tech Innovation Ltd

Other Partners: BiCT srl, Ingenza Ltd, DTU and CLEA Technologies BV

Establishment of continuous process methodologies (plug flow, fluidised bed and column reactor systems) for exemplar reactions at Kg scale and application of (continuous) product recovery strategies for improved biocatalytic processes. Performance testing of immobilised or supported biocatalysts developed in WP 5.
Produce robust biocatalyst formulations at commercial partners that can be used for in-house chemical production, marketed as commercial products and evaluated by customers. Analyse the best processes for economic and environmental impacts.

Lead contact: Kay McClean;

Work Package 7

Title: Training, Dissemination and Community Engagement

Lead: KTN Ltd

Other partners: C-Tech Innovation Ltd, ACIB GmbH, the University of Manchester and The University of Groningen

The objective of this work package is, with the involvement of existing Europe-wide networks and projects, to engage a community across Europe with an interest in using biocatalysis for the production of chemical products. The dissemination activities will be aimed at communicating information on the results and outcomes of the project via newsletters and webinars, building towards a high profile event at the culmination of the project. It will also produce information suitable for engaging with the general public on this topic.

Lead contact: Natalie Withenshaw,

Work Package 8

Title: Management

Lead: C-Tech Innovation Ltd

Implement the overall project management plans to ensure smooth running of the project. Establish communications, reporting protocols, and document control procedures within the consortium and between the consortium and the Commission. Preparing, executing and post-processing of major project meetings (including kickoff meeting review meetings and final project meetings). Implementing and maintaining the project infrastructure, e.g., the internal platform for information exchange and email lists. Preparing and post-processing of EC reviews from the consortium-side including support in the implementation of recommendations from the EC and reviewers. Handling of legal issues, IPR issues and maintenance of the consortium agreement. Handling of the project correspondence and the day-to-day requests from partners and external bodies.

Lead contact: Kay McClean,; Edd Jones: